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Dispatches from my web development journey.



Most work I’ve done at Bloc can’t be shared, but here are a few links to give you an idea of some of the kinds of things I’ve worked on.

Software Developer Track

Part-Time Web Developer Track



** A note on the timelines:

At DevShop we were given tight deadlines to complete projects to get used to the sometimes hectic nature of client work and learn how to push back on features that weren’t necessary to delivering good working products.

Apps built during my apprenticeship at DevShop:


2.5 weeks

Tipster is a money transfer service that allows tenants of apartment buildings to easily tip building employees. Used Stripe to charge tenant cards and keep track of building employees’ bank accounts. Tenants have the ability to make one bulk payment to all employees they want to tip, and then payments are automatically transferred to all employees. Made extensive use of jQuery to add give high level of interactivity to the site, such as inline editing. Wrote a web crawler with Nokogiri in order to populate the app database with real New York properties.

Because the app was for a client, the source code is private.


3 weeks

Taqeela is a SaaS app for companies to keep track of how well they adhere to their core values, and a place for employees to keep track of their professional goals. Implemented monthly billing using Stripe and used a lot of jQuery to produce a very interactive application. Taqeela is now used by DevShop to conduct its weekly meetings. The name is derived from a DevShop tradition of taking a shot of good tequila if an employee accomplishes his/her goals or bad tequila if not.

Because the app was for a client, the source code is private.


2 weeks

CristoferDevin is a custom e-commerce site that uses ActiveMerchant and Authorize.net to process payments. Implemented a custom shopping cart and lots of jQuery and AJAX on the front end. The app is no longer being maintained and all images and text on the site are filler. Hipster ipsum is the best.

Source code: https://github.com/raderj89/cristoferdevin

Date Connect

1 week

Date Connect is a fun date-matching app that analyzes a user’s Facebook friends, ranking your ‘perfect matches’ based on gender, location, relationship status, and overlapping interests. Offloaded Facebook analysis to background processes using Delayed Job. The site is no longer being maintained, but should still work if you sign in with your Facebook account.

Source code: https://github.com/raderj89/date_connect

Daily Poll

1 week

Daily Poll is a fun polling app that uses the Twilio API and cron jobs to send subscribers daily questions via text message. Implemented the frontend design using HAML, SASS and jQuery based on mockups from our designer. Used Whenever gem to create a cron job that sends out questions at a specific time each day. The site is no longer being maintained and all questions on the site are filler.

Source code: https://github.com/raderj89/daily_poll

Dev Bootcamp final project:


1 week

Encore is a place where you can relive and share your favorite concert experiences. By combining open concert data and YouTube videos, concertgoers can re-experience the show from multiple vantage points and perspectives, and catch concerts they missed. Used service object design pattern to handle artist searches and parse concert data.

You can view the source code at my ongoing refactoring branch on Github here.



Refcodes is an online marketplace where people can post referral links for their favorite tech products and services and benefit from others. Built with a TDD approach using RSpec and Capybara. Implemented referral search with the PG Search gem. It was my first Ruby on Rails application based on my own idea. You can read more about it here.

Source code: https://github.com/raderj89/refcodes

Markdown Preview gem

Fixed a Ruby gem that had 6,118 downloads